Tungaloy Adds Grooving and Parting Toolholders for Expanded Coverage

Iwaki, June 2019 — Tungaloy is expanding its DuoJust-Cut, TetraMini-Cut, and TetraForce-Cut lines of indexable grooving and parting tools to enhance their flexibility and application ranges.

Tungaloy’s DuoJust-Cut, TetraMini-Cut, and TetraForce-Cut are successful lines of grooving and parting tool series that feature an innovative insert clamping interface for secure mounting during challenging operations. DuoJust-Cut, a popular tool line among Swiss machine users, will now offer a 25 mm square shank holder to allow customers in the general lathe market to utilize its full benefits. In addition, new holders for TetraMini-Cut and TetraForce-Cut are available in 20 mm and 25 mm square shanks will be offered with Tungaloy’s high pressure internal coolant capability to improve chip removal and tool life predictability.

A 12 mm square shank holder of TetraForce-Cut, designed to be compatible with Tungaloy’s DirectTung-Jet system, will also be released. This system enables interference-free tooling on designated Swiss machine models by channeling internal coolant directly from the tool post through the tool holder, with no need for an external coolant sub-assembly.

These new products will help customers seeking improved productivity and process security in various grooving and parting operations.


  • At a glance:
    • Enhanced lineup of highly robust toolholders for additional applications
    • New DuoJust-Cut holders ensure low force for deep grooving and parting-off
    • TetraMini-Cut’s new CHP-capable 2020 and 2525 square shank holders provide customers’ grooving operations with improved productivity
    • New TetraForce-Cut 1212 holder is compatable with DirectTung-Jet system for improved deep grooving and parting operations on Swiss machines; while its 2020 holder with CHP capability improve productivity in general turning applications
    • 18 holders to be added in this expansion (Metric 10 items, Inch 8 items)

Brochure PDF – DuoJust-Cut

Brochure PDF – TetraForce-Cut