Tungaloy’s New Internal Boring Bar Series Promotes Efficient ID Turning

Iwaki, July 2018 – Tungaloy is introducing Premium Internal Bar – DPMT series for efficient ID turning.

This new ID turning tool series reduces cutting force by 10% over conventional tools, while promising endusers with machining stability and superior surface finish quality. The new Premium Internal Bar – DPMT series offers the same proven chip evacuation capability as Tungaloy’s popular internal turning tool series – Stream Jet Bar. The new holder body is made of special alloy steel and incorporates the DPMT insert with a greater flank clearance of 11° than the conventional 7° with the DCMT style. This optimizes vibration stability as well as cutting load reduction during demanding internal boring operations. The DPMT series is a perfect tool for manufacturers who are looking for vibration dampening measures and surface finish quality improvement.

The Premium Internal Bar – DPMT series features a versatile –PS style chipbreaker with proven performance in a variety of operations, and three grades: T9215 CVD-coated grade for turning steel, NS9530 cermet grade for finish turning, and AH8015 PVD-coated grade for high temperature alloys. The new holder lineup covers working diameters ranging from ø15 mm to ø22 mm or from ø0.6” to ø0.87”, available in special alloy steel shanks as well as carbide shanks.


  • Product at a Glance:
    • Anti-vibration shank thanks to the use of special alloy steel
    • Holder is designed for reduced cutting load as well as maximum performance at the minimum working diameter.
    • DPMT insert with 11° insert flank clearance offers reduced cutting load


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