Tungaloy to expand DoRec shoulder milling cutters to include multi-functional inserts

Iwaki, June 2018 – Tungaloy is expanding its DoRec, an indexable square shoulder milling cutter series, to include multi-functional inserts.

The DoRec series incorporates double-sided, 4-edged inserts with superior cutting edge integrity to provide maximum efficiency in various square shoulder milling and slotting operations.

Recent industry demand urges an increased utilization of difficult-to-cut materials that maintain their mechanical strength at high temperatures; therefore, greater machining stability is required to improve efficiency. Tool integration is another issue in the effort to improve tool economy and tool life management, where more manufacturers are using a single tool for multiple applications.

The new DoRec insert incorporates a unique design on the flank clearance that allows for ramping, helical interpolations, and other 3D milling applications, while maintaining the strong cutting edge integrity of negative inserts. The insert’s main cutting edge features a large rake angle to allow free cutting without compromising the cutting edge integrity.

The new inserts are available in AH3135 for steel and stainless steel and in AH120 for cast iron. Both grades feature high fracture resistance, ensuring machining stability, while reducing chipping and premature insert failure.


  • Product at a Glance:
    • Multi-functionality:
      3D milling thanks to innovative flank clearance design
    • Improved Efficiency:
      Higher feed rate thanks to cutting edge integrity and fracture resistance
    • Machining stability:
      Optimized rake angle exerts low cutting load to the machine spindle


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