DoPent to include high precision, C-class inserts

Iwaki, Dec 2017 – Tungaloy now offers a range of high precision C-class tolerance inserts for DoPent, a highly economical face milling cutter line.

DoPent features pentagonal, double-sided inserts with 10 effective cutting edges for reduced cost per edge.

The new C-class insert helps minimize the axial runout when mounted on the cutter for superior surface finish quality. The insert’s neutral geometry allows for use with either a right or left hand cutter, which simplifies the tool setup process in duplex milling and reduces inventory.

Two PVD grades and one CVD grade are available: AH3135 offers high fracture resistance in steel and stainless steel machining; T1215 is not only designed for high speed machining of gray cast iron but also shows significant improvements in milling ductile cast iron and compacted graphite iron; and AH120 is a versatile grade most suitable for cast iron milling and is also effective for steel machining.


  • At a glance:
    • Economical pentagonal, double-sided insert with 10 effective cutting edges.
    • High precision, C-class inserts and economical, M-class inserts.
    • Neutral geometry allows simple tool setup in duplex milling and reduced inventory.


  • Total items to be added: 3 insert types