Tungaloy to Introduce Toolholders for its DirectTung-Jet System

October 2017, Iwaki – Tungaloy is launching a Swiss-specific TungTurn-Jet toolholder system, which boosts productivity in automatic small-lathe machining. This new toolholder system incorporates the DirectTung-Jet technology, which enables a through-the-tool, high-pressure coolant supply directly from the tool post, while eliminating concerns over time-consuming installations of the external coolant tubes from setup to setup.

TungTurn-Jet delivers a high-pressure fluid through the toolholder directly to the optimal area near the cutting point of the insert. Unlike traditional flood coolant supplies, TungTurn-Jet facilitates superior chip control in machining difficult-to-cut materials by lifting the chip away from the insert rake face with a high pressure jet of top coolant. With the other jet of coolant from the bottom outlet hitting on the insert clearance face, TungTurn-Jet not only improves chip control but reduces wear on the flank and rake face of the insert, allowing greater parameters to be applied for higher efficiency and productivity.

The new line of TungTurn-Jet is designed for Swiss-type lathes that are DirectTung-Jet system compatible. The DirectTung-Jet system is a tubeless delivery method that enables direct coolant supply from the tool post into the toolholder. This tube-free system streamlines tool installations and alleviates concerns for chip entanglement on the coolant tube. The new TungTurn-Jet toolholder can also be used with an external coolant tube on machines that are not compatible with a through-the-tool coolant supply system.

A variety of toolings are feasible with the new TungTurn-Jet line, including front-turning, grooving and threading with the TetraMini-Cut inserts, and parting-off with the DuoJust-Cut insert.


  • At-a-glance:
    • Tube-free! Coolant is supplied directly from the tool post to the toolholders.
    • A set of high pressure coolant jets breaks down swarf and drastically reduces chip-related machine downtime, enabling higher and more efficient output.
    • Coolant is delivered directly to the ideal position close to the cutting point of the insert rake face, dramatically improving chip control as well as tool life.


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