Tungaloy Launches T-CBN Inserts for TFE Milling Cutter Series for Smooth Finishing of Cast Iron

Iwaki, August 2018 – Tungaloy is introducing a new PcBN-tipped milling insert for use with its popular TFE face milling cutters.

BX480 is a proven T-CBN grade that is most suited for finish milling of cast iron in which cutting speeds of over 1,000 m/min or 3,281 sfm can be applied, providing unmatched productivity. T-CBN inserts provide superior surface finish quality in milling cast iron at elevated cutting speeds, compared with PVD-coated carbide grades.

3 types of insert geometries are available: a standard geometry insert, a wiper insert for improved surface finish quality, and a de-burring insert which helps eliminate burr and edge breakout formed on the workpiece edges.

  • At a Glance:
    • BX480 T-CBN grade suitable for finish milling applications in cast iron
    • High speed milling of over Vc=1,000 m/min is possible in cast iron machining applications
    • Superior surface finish quality, as compared with PVD-coated carbide grades
    • Available in standard, wiper, and de-burring geometries for a variety of milling needs