Tungaloy Introduces Positive BX480 T-CBN Inserts for Higher Turning Efficiency of Ferrous Metals

Iwaki, May 2019 —Tungaloy adds a line of positive style inserts to its BX480 insert series, a well-proven T-CBN grade for efficient turning of sintered powder metals and cast iron.

BX480 is a high cBN content T-CBN grade and has a well-sintered cubic boron nitride grain structure with a good balance of wear and fracture resistance, yielding long and stable tool life in abrasive applications such as heavy interrupted cuts of sintered powder metals. BX480 effectively reduces heat build-up near the cutting edge due to high thermal conductive capabilities, thus providing long and predictable tool life in high speed continuous cuts to interrupted cuts of cast iron.

This expansion adds 20 new positive inserts to the BX480 series ensuring free cutting action in unstable, low rigidity workpieces. Combined with the existing negative insert line, BX480 now provides higher productivity in machining a wider spectrum of powder metals and high speed finishing of cast iron.


  • BX480 at a Glance
    • Provides long and stable tool life in heavy interrupted machining of sintered powder metals
    • High thermal conductivity ensures tool life stability and predictability in high speed continuous cuts to interrupted cuts of cast iron
    • 20 items to be added