BoreMeister Vibration-Dampening Tool System for Efficient Deep-Hole Internal Boring

Iwaki, December 2018 – Tungaloy launches BoreMeister, a modular boring tool system that allows vibration-free deep-hole boring and internal turning up to a depth of 10xBD.

Many components in the aerospace and heavy equipment industries require deep hole making processes, requiring long-overhang tools. Vibration is inevitable in such operations with standard steel or carbide tool holders, resulting in unstable machining with poor part surface finish or premature insert failures. Tungaloy’s new BoreMeister system effectively reduces unwanted vibrations in extreme cutting conditions with its vibration-dampening mechanism equipped inside the boring bar. This product can perform long overhang operations with stability, offering improved productivity.

For a typical internal turning operation, either steel or tungsten carbide tool holder is normally used. A steel tool holder is generally recommended for a hole depth of up to 3xBD; a carbide holder for up to 5xBD. For deep holes of over 5xBD up to 10xBD, however, these traditional tool holders cannot provide in stable, vibration-free boring processes.

The highly rigid and stable BoreMeister system effectively dampens the vibrations with an innovative system inside the holder body, allowing deep-hole boring of up to 10xBD with stability. A damping mass installed inside the holder counter-vibrates against the first flex vibration. Therefore, high metal-removal rates, smooth part surface finishes, and long tool life are attainable in deep-hole boring operations.

BoreMeister is a modular system consisting of vibration-dampening bars and various types of easily exchangeable heads, interconnected by clamping screws on an accurate and reliable serrated interface.

The vibration-dampening bars are available in diameters: 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, and 60 mm in length-to-diameter ratios of 7 or 10 for the best application. The boring heads are compatible to such popular insert geometries as CCMT, DCMT, and VCMT positive inserts and DNMG, VNMG negative inserts. For more information on this innovative BoreMeister system and its ability to improve productivity in deep-hole boring operations, please contact your local Tungaloy dealers or visit our website.

  • At a Glance:
    • Innovative vibration-dampening system allows stable and effective deep-hole boring processes of up to 10xBD
    • Thanks to the modular system, a bore diameter as small as 20 mm can be machined
    • Varieties of exchangeable heads for a wide range of applications


  • Total of 14 tool holder items and 34 exchangeable head items to be introduced