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High-Feed Milling Mechanism

First utilized in the die and mold industry, high-feed milling is a machining method that pairs shallow depth of cut (DOC) with high feed rate up to 2.0 mm per tooth. This combination maximizes the amount of metal being removed from a part and increases the number of finished parts in a given time.

The HFM mechanism is based on the “chip thinning” effect. The thickness of a chip depends on the entry angle of a milling cutter. A cutter with a 90° entry angle has no benefit of chip thinning as the feed per tooth at 0.2 mm only creates chips 0.2 mm thick (Fig. 1). In the case of a cutter with a 45° entry angle, feed per tooth at 0.28 mm creates chips 0.2 mm thick (Fig. 2), which allows the feed to be increased, resulting in reduced cycle time. Fig. 3 shows the chip thinning effect of DoFeed, Tungaloy’s best selling HFM line, where the feed per tooth at 0.77 mm also provides chips 0.2 mm thick. Such an increase in the feed per tooth helps customers cut the cycle time by half or even more.

Low cutting force is another advantage of HFM. The entry angle on a cutter decides the direction of the cutting force. A 90° cutter (Fig. 1) will produce cutting force that acts perpendicular to the spindle, putting incredible pressure on the tool. As for a 45° cutter (Fig. 2), cutting force acts against the spindle at a 45° angle. With DoFeed, cutting force is almost parallel to the spindle due to its acute entry angle (Fig. 3), which means there is less pressure on the spindle.



Choose the applications to find the right tool

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TungForceFeed DoFeed MillQuadFeed DoTwistBall DoFeedQuad TungMeister
Tool diameter ø8 - ø25 ø16 - ø200 ø25 - ø160 ø20 - ø63 ø50 - ø125 ø10 - ø20
Depth of cut (APMX) 0.5 1 / 1.5 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 1.3 / 2 2 0.6 - 2.2
Entry angle 12º 17º / 15º 7º / 12º / 10º / 14º 20º / 25º 13º R
No. of corners (insert) 2 4 4 4 8 1
Spindle size BT30 /
SK30 /
BT40 /
SK40 /
BT50 /
SK50 /
Applications FacingFacing
Shouldering RShouldering R        
Slotting RSlotting R        
Long overhangLong overhang
Interrupted surfaceInterrupted surface
Thin workpieceThin workpiece

TungForceFeed logo

HFM cutter with robust design in small diameters

TungForceFeed features
  • - Strong insert corner for high-feed operations
  • - Incredible productivity thanks to extra close-pitch tool
  • - R2 round insert is also mountable
  • - Maximum feed rate: 0.8 mm/z

DoFeed logo

Versatility at its finest

DoFeed features
  • - Perfect for ramping, plunging, hole enlarging, slotting, drilling, and shoulder milling in a wide range of industries
  • - Smooth chip evacuation and minimal chattering
  • High productivity due to close-pitch design
  • - Maximum feed rate: 1.5 mm/z

MillQuadFeed logo

Highly versatile series with the unique insert design that allows changing entry angles

MillQuadFeed features
  • - Two types of inserts fit on one cutter body, providing two different entry angles
  • - ZER type: For general application with low cutting force
  • - UER type: Suitable for difficult-to-cut materials and long overhang machining
  • - Maximum feed rate: 2 mm/z

DoTwistBall logo

Unique twist on the insert ensures stability and maximizes productivity

DoTwistBall features
  • - R4,5,6 round inserts are also mountable
  • - High machining efficiency with 30% greater D.O.C
  • - Maximum feed rate: 1.3 mm/z

DoFeedQuad logo

Economical tool for rough operations

DoFeedQuad features
  • - Dovetail clamping prevents inserts from lifting up during heavy roughing operations
  • - Maximum feed rate: 2 mm/z

TungMeister logoVFX

Indexable solid carbide head

TungMeister features
  • - Highly accurate repeatability
  • - Drastically reduces tool changeover time
  • - Maximum feed rate: 1 mm/z